Working with Youth in Riobamba


God leads us in ministry. We have been trying to meet with students in Riobamba who are from the communities. Both our schedule and theirs are irregular, so it's a challenge to organize a meeting. Plus their needs are different. Here are three examples: On Faby's left sits Danilo, from "Shobol Llin Llin." He's in his third semester of Electronics. He needs a bicycle to get from his home to the university. With God's help, I found a used bicycle for him here in Quito. On his left is Jefferson from "Cachisagua" who is also studying Electronics, but is only in his first semester. For him, we have found a sponsor who is going to help pay his rent in Riobamba every month. Then on his left is Cesar, who is finishing his university studies. He wants us to help him start a Sunday School program in his church in Riobamba. So we are planning some workshops for his team. God continues to lead. We follow.