Sunday School Project


One youth from a church in Riobamba asked us to help him start a Sunday School program for kids in his church. We have held six workshops up to now, and have a stable group of eight youth who are committed to teach kids. The plan is to teach 50 kids each Sunday from 9-11am about Christ and the Bible. Faby has emphasized their need to know Christ and to be an example for the kids. During Christmas they are going to register the kids. In January we have planned a couple of days to fix up the classrooms. And we plan to begin classes the third week of January. This is our prayer: for a strong Sunday School program in this church, that will also be an example for other churches. Many churches have long abandoned Sunday School and the lack of Bible knowledge in the church today is the result.

This group of eight has shown a commitment to the project.


Faby shares her years of experience in working with children.


We lost electricity one night, but continued with the lights from the cellphones.