Working with Shobol Llin Llin


We continue to consolidate the group of leaders from the community of "Shobol Llin Llin." This Thursday I began by playing UNO with them! My point was to avoid falling into a routine every week. A home group meeting needs to be dynamic and varied. Don't be afraid of trying something new or changing the program.

Sunday we were invited to participate in a baptism service, with me preaching. (Of course they let me know about an hour in advance that I was preaching. But I'm used to that.)

After the service (and lunch), the deacons invited us to a meeting where we are discussing the organization of the church. Most indigenous churches elect a board of seven deacons that changes every one or two years. They work with a model where the pastoral council remains the same and they (not the General Assembly) elect the board of deacons that can be re-elected indefinitely. This could be a good working model for other churches.