God sends us to help others!

Faby came down with a cold. We were going to spend the week in Riobamba, but the climate is warmer in El-Tingo and better for Faby's recovery. We had barely arrived at home when we receive a call that a pastor we know is in the emergency room at a nearby hospital. That was the first visit of many all week long. We gave his wife, Carmen, rides to and from the hospital, and spent many trips between two hospitals trying to facilite his transfer to where they can offer treatment. God puts us where He need us. Concepcion has been diagnosed with leucemia. He and Carmen will need a lot of support in the following weeks and months. So far he is still awaiting the transfer. Tonight his mother flys in from Peru to be with him.


This morning we were about to go out for some errands when the phone rang. A brother from Capulispungo is asking for our help. His daughter was detained in Houston, Texas with no ID papers. Within an hour, his daughter, son-in-law and wife were at our doorstep. Martina had reached and crossed the US border with help from the "coyotes" but was stopped in Houston. To top-off the story, she went with her neice to take her to her mom in Boston. At the moment they are separated. One of many similar stories of poor, rural folk looking for a better life.


Now I can see the urgent need to establish small businesses in the Quichua communities. They are migrating for work not only to local cities, but also to other countries.