New Discipleship Group


So far in our ministry we have been traveling to the communities in the mountains, but we have come to realize that many have migrated to the cities for work. One community called "Shobol Llin Llin" lies only 15 minutes from Riobamba. One of their leaders, José, invited us to their community. They wanted help with a discipleship program. My first reaction was to explain to them that discipleship is more than just a bible study. Discipleship is investing your life in others. They liked the idea. So now we have begun to meet with the leaders of the home groups that meet during the week. We meet in Riobamba, because most of them live and work there. Our meetings are on Thursdays, and each of them lead a home group on Mondays. We are praying for wisdom with this new group on how to teach them to work with their home gruops. Proverbs 3:5-6