Test results!


I don't often get an outside shot of the group at Capulispungo. This was the shot "before the exam." The following photo is during the exam. This study of Jeremiah is a real killer: a wonderful study of the book of Jeremiah, but so much information that the students couldn't absorb it all. I let them prepare a "cheat sheet" for the exam, but in the end I let them use all their resources at hand. Still they struggled. I could tell that some of the questions were so long that they didn't even understand what the question was asking.
I received a big surprise when I graded the exams. The two highest scores were no surprise. Pablo and Manuel Manya are excellent students. Still their scores were 75 and 74. Yet I was amazed at the third and fourth highest scores made by father and son who work together: Neicer and Inocencio. Inocencio can barely read and write. His son is only 14. Yet they made higher scores than most of the rest! Usually they score in last place. They did something right. Next month I plan to find out the key to their success.