Shobol Llin Llin to Quito


The women's group from Shobol Llin Llin worked out a retreat at our house in Quito this weekend. This was the first time they had gone on a retreat, and the first time for us to host such a retreat in our home. These are single-parent mothers, and Faby has begun a ministry to help them in their precarious situations. This is just a beginning and we continue to pray for God's direction.




Paul's third journey

IMG_9947 2

We are finishing our study on the life of Paul and his third missionary journey. This study covered material I didn't even have in seminary: which cities did Paul visit and who accompanied him on each leg of his journey! I am amazed the students have come this far, but they are persevering and learning. We have one more book to cover (Ephesians) to finish the second level of "FLET."

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Fourth Pres in Ecuador


Fourth Presbyterian Church held its third mission trip to Ecuador. The group of seven visited three different communities, and participated in a VBS. They shared their testimonies and interacted with youth and children as they learned more about Ecuadorian culture and ministry. For more photos: click here.



Calm before the storm


This is the community, called "Quislag," where we'll be going next week with the group coming from Fourth Pres Church. The community is sponsoring a week-long Vacation Camp for 300 children! We're participating in the workshops. The plan is to have six simultaneous, one-hour workshops, 50 kids per group. Every hour the kids change workshops, so they received six different activities every day. This schedule is a first for the community, so we are praying that everything (and everyone) works smoothly.

(The Pan American Highway is somewhere down there in this photo.)