June 2019

Christ crucified in Capulispungo


Capulispungo, Saturday, monthly meeting to review lessons. Before they took the exam, we had some very good theological discussions. Since we're studying Paul's second missionary journey, we reviewed some of 1 Corinthians, especially where Paul emphasizes preaching only Christ and him crucified, 1 Corinthians 2:2. So I asked a question I have been asked a few times here in Ecuador: "If I fall into a sin, and before I can repent or confess it, I die, will I go to heaven?" A professor in Cachisagua asked me that just last week. Then I asked another question to get down to the fundamental issue: "Why did Christ die on the cross? What happened there?" and drew them to my favorite passage: Colossians 2:13-14 "He forgave us all our sins… nailing [them] to the cross." Of course, if someone persists in a sin, that's a different story. He's not even a Christian according to 1 John 3:9. Since we've been together for a few years, we now have good discussions, and I believe some real learning.



Adventures in Cachisagua


Surprise! Sunday we drove to Cachisagua for our monthly visit with the church for the FLET bible program. When we arrived we found the community engaged in a funeral. Their response to us was, "Join us!" I appreciate the community culture because in an event like this, the whole community joins in to console the family in their loss. All other activities take second place. (They even cancelled the worship service.) So we joined in the procession up the mountain to the cemetery for the burial.



Tuesday we returned to visit the school.

God is giving us a wonderful relationship with the teachers!

Faby and I gave our first talk with the students about ethics and morals.