Our activities are picking up in Cachisagua. Sunday, after six months of "vacation" the men have renewed their studies in the FLET bible program. It's slow going, but this course is about perseverance. It's not a "crash course." Actually, the communities have a way of being patient. "If we didn't have time today, we can do it tomorrow."

Faby continues with the vision God gave her for working with the school in Cachisagua. She has a special grace for working with kids. Today we visited the school to talk with the teachers about a date for a retreat in our house in Quito. We "hung out" for a good three hours, until the teachers finally got together. But in the meantime, Faby visited and talked with the students in four different classes!

We are also planning a meeting with the parents of the students on Saturday next week, and praying for guidance in planning what we're going to share with them.