New Birth


This past week we received news of newborns from three different families in three different cities in three very different circumstances. The first was a big surprise, even for her parents. A sixteen year old told her parents that she was pregnant. Her father called us for counsel. He believed that she should marry the father of the child. We recommended the opposite. A seventeen year old boy who has a reputation for getting girls pregnant is not going to be a good husband. So her parents are dealing with their new situation. We encouraged them that even an error God can turn into a blessing.
The next surprise was a blessing. A young couple had their second child. They had to take her to the hospital during the corona virus crisis, but both mom and baby are okay. The dad told me that their first child had died SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) so they are a bit worried about their second child, but we leave everything in God's hands because He is good.
The third surprise created grief. A young girl whom we have discipled some since she was single, called and told us she had a miscarriage. It took her toll on her both physically and emotionally. We grieve with them in their loss, and trust the Lord in His wisdom.
Pray for the next generation.