So these days we beat social distancing with ZOOM. Not quite the same as getting together, but it will have to do for now. So what can and can't you do with ZOOM? You can get together and talk, but not all at the same time. You can see each other, but only when the person has their video turned on and is in front of the camera. You can share screens! You don't need a projector and blank wall any more. You can even draw on other persons' screens, which is turning out to be very useful for tutoring students, and even helping others figure out procedures on their computers. But one thing you can't do is sing together. I've watched several groups try to do group singing, but with the delay factor on everyone's computer, you hear most people one or two seconds behind whoever is playing the piano or guitar. Doesn't work. Playing guessing games on ZOOM is possible, but the leader has to realize the limitations of the technology and call on people one by one and by name. Takes some skill and practice. You can send messages both to everyone or to a particular person, but the phones don't have a separate keyboard like computers do. When the majority are using phones, messaging is difficult. So we need to master the new technology: ZOOM, here we go!