One of my favorite photos. Having worked with the Quichua for 10 years now, we are entering a new phase. At first we did conferences, and workshops. Now I am learning ever more that the most effective influence you have on another person is the time you spend together, doing whatever. The key is the relationship and the level of confidence you have in each other. The last two weeks we have spent at home, locked in due to the coronavirus crisis. But our Quichua friends keep calling us and sending us messages. Why? We have strong relationships, built over the years. One friend called me because he wanted news. In the rural mountains his internet connection is poor. He knows he can call our phone. Hang up. And we will call him back. Today a pastor sent us a recorded message on Whatsapp, and asked us to send a short video, with a bible message to encourage his church. Wow! Have to get used to this technology. Not my style, but I'll have to accommodate. "All things to all men." 1 Cor 9:22