Be still


"Be still, and know that I am God."

This picture reminds of the older folk who have gone through a whole lifetime and have learned to be patient.

We are still absorbing the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Saturday, Faby and I just went for a drive and ended up at the tourist train station to take a shot with the llama. Then we went inside the tourist house and made friends with the owner's wife, just sitting and chatting. Sort of a foreshadow of the government's advice soon to come: "Stay home." That afternoon, the children's club at the church in Riobamba had a predictable low turnout. We just sang a few songs, played two games, gave out a snack and sent them back home. Then Sunday I received the call from Alicia, our niece, studying in Quito, who just learned she had to go back to the US within 24 hours. So Monday we drove to Quito to take her to the airport and say goodbye. Now we're hanging out at our home in El-Tingo, and understanding what God wants us to do: be still.