Rained out on ZOOM

Now, how can you get rained out on zoom? Luis Ortiz lives in Sablog, which is a far-removed Quichua community in the mountains behind Guamote. He has kept in touch with me, and constantly wants to learn more and "keep up" with the outside world. As a result of his pursuit, he is the first one in his community to get internet installed in his home. That's a BIG step for a remote community! Now we are trying to begin a regular bible study on ZOOM. Normally, with ZOOM, everyone stays at home, but he is the only one with internet. So everyone has to come to his home for the meeting. We connected Friday night on ZOOM at the agreed time, but he was the only one there. What happened? Luis explained to me, "It just started raining. A real downpour." I know enough to understand that when it rains in the mountains, no one is going to leave their home. So we got "rained-out." We did have a good time going over the material I had prepared, so Luis can help me explain it next week, Lord willing, if we don't have another rain storm.