Pandemic and ministry

How has the pandemic changed our ministry? Well, we can't visit the communities, but we are still in touch. In fact, with the internet, we are even more in touch than before!

Capulispungo, we haven't been able to continue the FLET bible program, but I am tutoring, almost daily, one of their youth in Riobamba, in English, Math, and Statistics. In Shobol Llin Llin, we have met a couple of times with the church via ZOOM, and more to come! Right across the valley from them, in a community called Guabug where we visited only once years ago, we have begun to meet via ZOOM with a house group. In Cachisagua, only two homes have internet, one of them being our main contact. We are working on being able to meet with them. Over in Guamote, a long-time contact has been calling me regularly. He wants to keep up with the technology, and is trying to install ZOOM on his computer, but is having trouble. Way out in no-where land, in a community called Santa Julia, Segundo rings our phone and we call him back (so we pay for the call). They don't have internet yet. Even his cell phone signal tends to fade out, but we talk frecuently. Then in Latacunga, we have started meeting with a bible study group that we never got around to meeting before, but now with internet, we are meeting every week.

Times have changed, but the ministry continues.