Tell me stories


I have one steady, weekly, ZOOM, bible study so far, (with potential for three more). We're all getting used to using the internet, but I'm thinking about the teaching methods I'm using. For one, the bible study or message shouldn't be more than half an hour. People are sitting in their homes and get distracted easily. I also try to ask questions, but you have to ask a specific person, and each person needs to know how to turn on and off their microphones. But over all, I'm trying to develop the time-proven method of telling stories. I use pictures, and I can project the pictures over ZOOM. First of all, it keeps their attention, but also, the method of telling a bible story seems to communicate better than a three-point topical sermon. Also, a person's lack of bible knowledge here is discouraging. I think it may be because a lot of sermons are based on doctrine, science, and/or psychology rather than on the bible. My strategy is to tell bible stories and reflect on the purpose of the story. And by using selected stories, I'm tying them together to form an outline of the whole bible story. After all, the bible really isn't a book about doctrine, but about the story of God's intervention in our world.