One Year


One year with the kids! In January, Anibal asked us to help him with a new children's ministry, and that resulted in dedicating one year of Saturday afternoons to these children. This Saturday we celebrated Christmas and created a short drama of the birth of Jesus. We have a more or less stable group of six, with seven or so irregulars. Anibal wants to take a break for a few weeks. Will we continue next year? We hope so. We'll have to restructure and plan anew to keep investing in the lives of these children.


The Next Generation


They dropped by for a visit: 4 adults and 6 youth. A 4 hour drive from Guaranda. Actually, six from Guaranda, and four from Quito, but they are all family from the Quichua communities in the mountains. Two took the university entrance exams Saturday. So they are planning to study here in Quito. The youth played ping-pong and games while we adults conversed. This is the next generation. Thankfully, they haven't migrated to the US. Their future depends on their studies. Hopefully we can have a part in that and in their spiritual development.



We are very thankful to God! After two or three years of battling with Faby's headaches, we have found an answer. The doctors always said that the headaches were tensional from her back neck muscles. But the medicines and treatments they recommended didn't work for Faby. One night I realized that she slept with her pillow under her shoulder and not just under her head. Also she often rested on the couch with her head bent. Correcting those two errors has really helped! We also bought an easy chair so that when she rests during the day, her head is straight and well supported. Worth the investment! We thank God that her headaches have almost disappeared.

Another Pandemic?


Not exactly another pandemic, but that's what it felt like. We haven't been able to drive out of our garage for three weeks now. (Except for two quick trips when the street was more or less pasable.) Reminded us of the lock-in during the Pandemic. Tomorrow they're supposed to clear the dirt and rocks, and so we may be able to get out again. Hopefully, this week they'll pave the street.




To celebrate my 63th birthday, the Saturday kid's bible class held a party. We had a record of 13 kids! Of course, with finger food, pizza, cake, and ice cream, who isn't going to show up? It's a nice group. We hope and pray that all of them will continue to come for the bible lessons.

On a different note, we continue to talk with the folks in the park, getting to know their stories. One of them, Pedro, sleeps on the street. Would you believe he owns a house? Last night he told us that since a group is smoking marihuana in his house, he prefers to sleep in the park. What a story!