April 2023

Where God Leads


I'll be honest: I have a hard time sitting for two hours in a worship service here in Ecuador. i don't do anything. I need to congregate with other Christians and contribute to the building up of the body of Christ. Since the Pandemic and our decision to stop traveling to Riobamba, we haven't found a nearby church where we can integrate and contribute. We have attended three, but that's all we've done: attend. This morning God reminded me of a nearby church, that we know, and I remembered they are more interested in community service than the worship service. They still hold a service, but in a rented house, and the service is outside under tents.
We arrived late, heard the end of the sermon, and then the announcements. They need volunteers to help teach kids in a school way up in the mountains, east of us. Right up my line: kids, and an indigenous community in the mountains about 45 minutes from here! And the coordinator at the church accepted the invitation to meet at our home this Wednesday to plan. Now that's participating in a church. God leads, we follow.

Please come and help us!


I don't often get a shot with me in it. Anibal took the photo. He's the one who invited us to help him hold Bible classes for kids. God leads us. I don't often choose the ministry. God puts people in our path and they ask us for help. That's been the pattern in our years here in Ecuador. I never planned to work with the Quichua, but a friend invited me to teach in the seminary and from there we received invitations to work in the communities. I started working with kids just before the Pandemic, because we needed someone to teach the kids (here in our home) during the worship service. Now I enjoy it more than preaching to adults. Even our Wednesday night Bible study began because a friend, Hernan, wanted to attend a Bible study. God leads; we follow.


All the way from "Cachisagua"


Ruben and Noemí came all the way from their community "Cachisagua," a four-hour drive, to visit us! Wow! Laura, their niece, came also. Both Ruben and Laura were students at the "Semila" seminary in Riobamba. I've known them for years, and we've visited their community many a time. But they had never seen our home. At last, the day arrived! We gave them a full tour, plus a meal. Nothing like seeing old friends.


Ministry from home


One of those days when God gives you a "revelation:" if you can't travel and visit, use today's technology! How many people work from their homes? Today with smart phones, zoom, whatsapp, the web, etc. I can still have a wide ministry and all from our home. Why didn't I think of that before? God provides the means and the methods.
Luis Ortiz lives in the mountain countryside of Guamote. He calls and asks for help in teaching his seminary class. Abel lives here in Quito. We often talk about his church and their future. Segundo Puculpala has migrated to New York. He often asks for help with material for bible studies. Danilo lives in a rural community somewhat distant from Riobamba. i call to see how he's doing with his university studies. I have often lent him some money to register for classes. And I stay at home to take care of Faby. Praise God! The ministry continues!