February 2023



God works in wonderful ways. I thank God for the gifts he gives to each and every person. The children's Bible class on Saturday afternoons is an example. Even though he's 71 years old, Anibal has the gift of inviting children to his home. At 3pm, we sit outside his house and wait for the kids to arrive. Faby has the gift of giving the Bible lesson. She knows how to keep their attention. That's not my forte. I've discovered that I'm good at crafts, especially with paper folding. We studied the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. Anibal invited the kids; Faby told the story; and I had the kids fold and cut paper to make and paint 16 bread rolls. God gives the gifts and puts together the team. 1 Corinthians 12:4-7


New Ministries


As usual, we haven't planned and started new ministries, but people ask us for help. Our Wednesday night bible study in our home started with a visit to Hernan Taco, who lives nearby, and he wanted to join a bible study. The Saturday afternoon children's class began when we ran into an old friend we hadn't seen in some 15 years. He was about to begin a children's ministry in his home and asked us for help, since he has no experience with kids. Thus we go where God leads.


A helping hand


"Can you help my daughter?" We received the call from Riobamba on Monday night. Her daughter Evelyn has a job offer, but needs a driver's license. She fulfilled all the requirements, but the computer system wouldn't let her pay. The only way to solve the problem was to travel to Quito to the national Motor Vehicle office and get them to annul the payment, so she could re-enter it. "Okay. We'll pick her up at the south end of Quito tomorrow at 8am." We drove her around all day, but we did get the problem solved. (She would have never found her way around Quito.) She's a recent agronomy graduate and will work visiting farming sites as soon as she can get her driver's license.

Visit from home


Always good to have a visit from family. My brother Donald and his wife Marianne came for five days. We enjoyed the time with them as we traveled some, ate together, talked and shared.