November 2023



To celebrate my 63th birthday, the Saturday kid's bible class held a party. We had a record of 13 kids! Of course, with finger food, pizza, cake, and ice cream, who isn't going to show up? It's a nice group. We hope and pray that all of them will continue to come for the bible lessons.

On a different note, we continue to talk with the folks in the park, getting to know their stories. One of them, Pedro, sleeps on the street. Would you believe he owns a house? Last night he told us that since a group is smoking marihuana in his house, he prefers to sleep in the park. What a story!


Park Adventures


Since we're not traveling anymore, our focus is the park in front of our house. I've been maintaining the water fountain and meeting lots of people. A group of jobless men hang out daily in the park. They tend to spend their time drinking. Faby and I both talk with them and are making friendships. We need lots of prayer. Only God can change their lives. Here Faby is talking with a group of them on the park bench.

Last Monday I met an "angel." I was digging the ground in the park to repair the water line to the public restrooms, when a young fellow approached and said, "May I help you." I was shocked! No one has ever asked me that. Most people think I'm getting paid by the town. He took over my digging and then for the next two hours helped to change the main water valve to the bathrooms. Turned out he's our next door neighbor. He knew me, but I didn't know him. One of the differences is that he's Venezuelan. For some reason, many Ecuadorians think work is degrading. I didn't know how to thank him enough. Then yesterday he came over and asked if I had a drill. They just moved from the first floor to the second floor of the house and needed to do some installations. So I spent some time helping him.

We're getting to know our neighbors.

Back in action


I admire the perseverance of Anibal. For various reasons, (health, holidays, elections), we haven't been able to help out for the past six weeks. But Anibal does the best he can, and the children keep coming. This Saturday I felt out of shape. I had prepared a drama lesson on the Day of Atonement, with the children as the actors. We tried acting out the whole process, but the children were restless, and I realized that I have to adapt my strategy to a new group of children. New for me, since I've been out of action for a while. All in a day's work.

Trip to Riobamba


Monday morning Faby woke up feeling well. So I said, "Let's go to Riobamba." We hadn't been there for almost a year. I needed to register our pickup truck there, plus we wanted to check on our apartment, which is now empty and ready to sell. Faby made the trip okay and we were able to register the truck and visit some folks. The trip back was difficult for Faby who suffered the whole way with a headache, but we were glad we made the trip. It brought back lots of good memories.