Community Meeting


The right timing. Friday we sponsored a community meeting about crime prevention. Our back yard serves well. About twenty persons attended. The purpose was to coordinate community alarms to alert everyone when someone spots suspicious activity. We plan to install four sirens. I was glad to meet new neighbors. After all, that's my purpose.

The Serenity Prayer

God, grant me
The serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

I would add to the last line "and the timing." Because often I can't change something now, but if I wait for the right moment, yes I can make a change. Here in El-Tingo, I want to make small changes. The challenge is to coordinate with the neighbors. That requires waiting for the right moment.
I had to wait for the right moment to gain control of the water fountain and do the maintenance, but I'm still waiting for the community coordinator to let folks know what I'm doing.
The neighborhood wants a community alarm to alert everyone when thieves are present. I had a siren. I bought a smart plug, and installed both, connecting them to the internet. I can connect everyone's telephone to the siren, but the right moment has not arrived. I have to wait.

Community Service/Witness


"It's not my job!" Is the usual attitude toward anything outside one's house. "Leave it to the city maintenance."
In order to serve others and to get to know our neighbors, I decided to take on the job of cleaning and maintaining the water fountain in the park. (I did this several years ago also.) It took my a while to get the key to the water tank and pump, but since no one keeps the fountain clean and working, I finally got "permission" to cut off the old padlock and put on a new one. (We couldn't figure out who had the key.) So now every week I drain the fountain, sweep it out, and turn the pump back on. As a result, I meet people in the park. Getting reacquainted with our neighbors is the first step toward sharing our faith. Mat 5:16



I was looking for someone to paint this picture. Then I realized that I could cut and paste images with the computer.
When David fought Goliath, he trusted God for the victory (1 Sam 17:37,47). My interpretation is that an angel struck Goliath and knocked him out. David's stone only gave the angel the signal.
My prayer is to see the spiritual reality that surrounds us. God is always at work. His angels never rest. Science has blinded our vision. We only see the physical world. O Lord, open our eyes that we may see (2 Kings 6:17).