Friday, we made our second trip to an indigenous community in Cotopaxi (called "Shalala") that owns a great tourist spot next to a volcanic creator, but they haven't the know-how to run it. The president, (left in photo), has asked us to give them the training they need to manage the project. We visited. Luis talked with several of the members, and obtained a good idea of what is needed. The next step is to sit down with the leaders, plan the next steps, and make a formal agreement.


Saturday in Capulispungo, the students took their final exam. All of them passed! The graduation is set for October 22nd. And the question remains: "What's next?" They want to continue on to level 2, but there's a problem. The church Board of Deacons has fallen apart, and thus the church can't make a decision yet until they elect a new Board of Deacons in December. So we will wait on them until then.


Sunday, in Cachisagua, we attended the church service in the afternoon. The objective was to see how many people have signed up for the FLET Bible program. But, of course, if you attend the service, you end up leading the singing, plus giving the message. After the service, we discussed the bible program. Eight persons have signed up. Each received their material. With book in hand, other members could see exactly what the bible course was all about. So now we give the church members more time to sign up.