The Truth will set you Free.


Most people are used to a Foundation giving out money. We have to tell folks that our Foundation doesn't finance projects. We train people so they can manage on their own. Our philosophy is: "Give me a fish and I eat for a day; teach me to fish and I eat for lifetime." But it takes time for people to understand us. Friday a pastor visited us with a debt problem. One way of helping him would be to pay off his loan and have him pay us back without interest. But that doesn't teach him how to manage loans. Rather Luis did a financial analysis of his situation, and discovered that he had taken out a loan at 22% interest, when he could have taken out a loan at 7% interest. The first loan will kill him. He will never be able to pay it off. But by using another loan, he has the means to get out of debt. We give them the knowledge they need so they can solve their problems. That's the philosophy of our Foundation "Truth and Liberty." "The truth will set you free," John 8:32.