Two different groups


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When I first arrived, only two men showed up. They were a bit reserved about the group: "This group is dwindling in number. Is there another group we can join?" In Capulispungo, the FLET group went through the same process: many sign up and begin, the group dwindles in number, but the few remain faithful. In time, others see that the group perseveres and continues, and then they want to become part of it." So we continued and had a great discussion. In two more sessions, they will finish the first book.



This group is the opposite of Sablog: twelve students faithfully meeting, but not so faithfully completing the lessons. They were supposed to have completed up to lesson 8, but they were only on lesson 5. Yet the same principle applies: continue to be faithful. We enjoy the group, because they work well together, and hold a group spirit. Eph 4:2-3