We'll see what happens.

This is me in Santa Julia on Saturday going over the material in book #1 of FLET. We had 28 students! Everything looks good, and the students participated actively in the workshop. Originally, we proposed sponsoring the project and taking care of all the details, charging a fee for our services. The leader visited us on Thursday and told us he would like to take charge of the project. After the workshop, I talked with the pastor who didn't know what had happened on Thursday. We called in the leader and discussed the issue. In the end, we (as a Foundation) left the project in their hands. All I will do is give one workshop a month to go over the material. The rest depends on them. The pastor, the leader, and a church deacon continued to talk after I left. We'll see what happens.



On Sunday, I visited Cachisagua to see if they had recruited a group to register for the FLET program. When I arrived, no one was at the church. So I visited a nearby home and found Laura, whom I have had as a student in Riobamba, who took me across the valley to the other community where my friends were visiting another church. In the photo, Cachisagua is on the hill in the background. I had to wait for the service to finish, and then we drove back across the valley and back up to Cachisagua. In the end, they still haven't recruited folks for the program, but are in the process. We'll see what happens.