Alejandro (standing beside Faby in the photo) was a student in the first class I taught at the Semila Seminary in Riobamba back in 2010. You might say that almost out of nowhere he called me and wanted to accompany us in some of our trips. Alejandro is an excellent musician, so I took him with us to Cachisagua for a music workshop. Turns out he is also an excellent teacher! So I've started to use him for the workshops. He understand the Quichua mentality much better than I (obviously because he is a Quichua), and he also speaks Quichua, which helps quite a bit.
Needless to say, Faby is always at my side. The church in Cachisagua holds Sunday school for the children at the same time as the music workshop. The children's teacher wanted to learn guitar, so she said to Faby, ¨Could you take over the children`s class?¨ Faby wasn`t prepared, but she accepted the challenge. When I went to take the photo, she was telling the kids the story of Joseph. They were all attentively listening. She has the gift of storytelling.