Real Progress!


One way to measure progress among the students is to give an exam to "see how much they've learned." Ten students in Capulispungo took an exam for the second book of level two in the FLET bible course. And they did fairly well. All of them passed to the third book. This is one type of "progress." But I was pleased to see something else going on. During the lunch break, I went outside to find them in a group discussing the question: "When did human philosophy start?" Since this unit is on Genesis, they had the idea of "beginnings." The book doesn't discuss "human philosophy," but they were developing original questions. For me, this is progress. They can come up with new ideas. Then they began to mull over the idea of God and man wrestling together (Jacob and the angel), and the man winning! Wow! A man "beat" God. I'm not so concerned about their answers at this point, but I admire that they are formulating their own questions. Now THAT is progress!