Triple weekend

Saturday morning in Capulispungo. The women are responding well to Faby. She has a faithful group. They talked about John 10 and Jesus as the Shepherd. Since they have sheep, Faby asked them about caring for sheep, and she learned a lot about sheep! I spent my time with the men´s bible program. We have two new members, one being a pastor from another community.
Saturday afternoon, we visited a new community. Our contact, Luis, a seminary student, had invited us to talk with the youth, but he had forgotten that the church was going to celebrate Mother´s Day. So we ended up preaching and singing in the service. I´m used to it. You have to be ready for anything.
Sunday, we drove west to Cachisagua, to another contact from the seminary who´s an excellent musician. We hope to start a music program there. Time will tell. I keep praying for a community where we can train musicians.