Progress in Capulispungo


Every month we visit Capulispungo for a programmed Bible study. The church wants to form a bible institute. They have the building, but not the teachers. So I am praying and striving to train them as teachers. Praise God we are making progress! Since we only meet once a month, they complete three to four lessons for each meeting. This course comes with a teacher's guide. I have copied the guide for each lesson, and delegated lessons to various students. How wonderful to see this Saturday that I didn't have to "teach" the class. All the students have studied the lessons, and they're absorbing the material. The students who lead each lesson tend just to summarize the material and talk themselves, but this Saturday they are learning to stimulate discussion. Thus I am switching from being the teacher, to being the facilitator. And I love hearing how they see the Bible stories. For example, I have always seen "The Transfiguration" as a moment when Jesus is confirming his deity to his disciples. But the students discussed how Jesus went up a remote mountain to renew his strength for his pending suffering in Jerusalem. Also, I have always seen the appearing of Moses and Elijah as representing the Law and the Prophets, but one student commented that their appearance with Jesus confirmed the resurrection. I'm fascinated to learn different perspectives from people outside the Western worldview. The teacher is always a student.

(We also did a Christmas program for the children:)