The Surgery

God´s ways are perfect! We never knew that Faby had a tumor on her right thyroid. In April she had a "carcinoma" removed from her right upper lip. In preparation for that out-patient operation, the doctor wanted an EKG. We were in Riobamba and looking for a doctor who could do the EKG. We ended up walking into a hospital and asking if any doctor there could do the exam. This doctor was not only a cardiologist, but specialized in internal medicine. Faby not only received an EKG, but a full medical checkup. He noticed the slight lump in Faby's neck, and suggested we had better check it out. That started a series of doctor's visits in Quito, plus medical exams including advanced scans, which revealed a growth on her right thyroid of about 3.5 cm. The operation this past Thursday removed a tumor of 5cm! If it hadn't been for that doctor in Riobamba we would never have known. God sent us to the right person at the right time. That first checkup was on April 22nd. Her out-patient operation on her right lip was April 27th. Her thyroid operation was June 16th. We spent five days at the hospital where I first worked in Ecuador as a nutritionist back in 1986. The surgeon was a committed Christian. Faby's operation was not an easy one, but God had his hand in everything. Even the surgeon gave thanks to God that Faby could speak after the operation. (There's always a risk in removing the thyroid gland that the nerves to the vocal chords may be affected.) We are in God's hands. Faby will still need checkups and controls, but if God still has use for us here in Ecuador, we will continue to serve Him with the Quichuas. He is faithful! 1 Cor 1:9