Helping just enough.


How much should we do and how much should they do? Can be a very hard balance to maintain. Here in the church at Capulispungo, the congregation has raised the money to install a ceiling in the sanctuary. They didn't need any outside help. It took them a year to raise $1500 dollars for the project, but they did it. That's our philosophy in ministry: give them just what they need, so they can do it themselves.

I reflex on how they have built their church structure. When I first visited them in 2010, all they had was the first floor. Yet in a couple of years they had build the second floor themselves, since many are construction workers. But they couldn't raise enough money for the roof. Estimated cost was $5000. So we helped them with the funds for the roof. Once the roof was in place, they did the rest: plastering the walls and sealing the edges. They just needed to get past that one obstacle of putting on the roof.

Now that the church building is near completion, we have realized another obstacle blocking their path. This time it's not a physical obstacle, but an organizational one. They need to organize their legal papers, plus the internal structure of the church government. We want to help. This time it will not be with funds, but with administrative training in legal work and church government. We are working with the pastor to begin this phase.