Teaching how to teach


This past week I taught "Teaching Methods" at the Semila seminary in Riobamba. I set the objective for the class: "Learn how to teach without using a monologue." The biggest challenge was for me to practice what I preach and not talk straight for more than 5 minutes without any interaction or class dynamics. On Thursday we led the seminary chapel. The "message" lasted 60 minutes, but no one "preached." We read Judges 17 and then directed a contest on questions between the men and women, followed by another contest of retelling the story as a group. Then one student led an inductive bible study. We concluded with reading related bible verses, and then a short drama. Since it was our first try, we still have much to improve. The rest of the seminary students enjoyed the change, especially the dynamics. But the real test consisted in asking the seminary students afterwards what they thought. Most responded that they really enjoyed the "message." But when we asked them what it was that we were trying to teach, several answered, "I don't remember." We need to work on that one. :) (Our main point, based on Judges 17, was that it's very easy for one to create their own religion without really knowing God.)