God makes the calls


We had made plans with Luis to visit the Savings Cooperative in Capulispungo on Saturday. Luis helps them with the accounting, and we want to give them more training. But Saturday morning Luis awoke with kidney stones and we spent the whole day at the hospital. We hope the stone will pass on its own. Needless to say we cancelled the meeting in Capulispungo.

We had planned to stay in Riobamba, but all weekend the alarm in our house was going off, three or four times a day. When it activates, it also rings my cell phone. So Sunday we made the trip back to Quito to see what was happening with our home alarm.

But before we left Sunday for Quito, we met with young couple for marriage counseling. Not your typical counseling for marriage since they're already living together, but they want to straightened their lives out before God. We have begun the process.

Since we were in Quito on Monday, I decided to take on the yearly task of pruning the cypress trees in our back yard. It turned out to be much more work than I expected, but I enjoyed taking on the challenge. I worked for about 10 hours, finishing the final pruning on Tuesday, with blisters on my hands, swollen wrists, sore legs and arms, but satisfied that the job is done. The alarm technician came Monday afternoon, and all we had to do was change the battery.

Tuesday afternoon we headed back to Riobamba, arriving at 7:30pm. We hadn't been in our apartment yet five minutes when the doorbell rang. The couple had returned for their second session of marriage counseling. Whoops! We had forgotten the appointment, but God had brought us back just in time! He makes the calls.