Making decisions


We had a full weekend. Friday night we participated in a Bible study. Lisbet is the owner of the building where we have our office, and every week the employees gather for a short meeting. We are helping with the leadership, but waiting to see what shape the group will take.


Saturday in Capulispungo we continued with FLET. They have finished book #5, and have one more to go. We have graduation planned for October 21st. I keep reminding them that they need to decide what they want to do afterwards. They have expressed a desire to continue on with level 2, but it takes them time to discuss the idea and decide as a group. We leave it in their hands and God's.



Likewise in Cachisagua, we gave our final workshop on music. God gave us a beautiful day, so we held the workshop outdoors. Later we sat down to discuss future plans. We are encouraging them to begin the Bible Study Program "Flet." But again, they have to discuss it among themselves, and, as is their custom, make a decision as a group. Again we leave it in their hands and God's, and wait on Him.