Is it worth it?


I left our apartment at six in the morning on Saturday. I picked up Luis and José, and we headed out for Facundo Vela. Luis and I had never been there before. Chimborazo put on a great display that morning! But after an hour and a half of driving, we had to turn back and take another route, because a pickup coming back told us a land slide was blocking the road. Our first hour of the detour was paved, but then we spent two hours on a dirt road in rain and fog before we reached our destination of Facundo Vela. We had planned to arrive at ten o'clock for the meeting with those interested in a project, but we ended up reaching the church at twelve thirty! Luis wasn't thrilled that only three men showed up, and didn't expect much from the meeting. But after a few minutes, their enthusiasm changed his opinion. They are very interested in working with us. Sugar cane is their main crop, and brown sugar their principal product. They plan to get more people informed of our Foundation, and then give us a call. We drove the whole route back in rain and fog. I reached home at seven. Long, but rewarding day.



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