Always an Adventure


The adventure begins by heading into the mountains, first on a paved road…

And then on a dirt road….

Up into the Andes mountains where you find a Quichua community on every hilltop.

But the real adventure begins with the workshop in a small church.

World Vision wanted us (at the Semila Seminary) to teach from a book about Servant Leadership, but these folks aren´t used to reading and digesting books. So I continue to experiment with concrete teaching methods.

From a sheet of paper, we folded it to make a picture frame. The assignment was to draw a picture of the person who had inspired you most. Then each person told who they had drawn and why. The point made was that we look for examples of Christians to follow, and this is more effective than many sermons and workshops.

The second point was to illustrate the different between a leader that gives orders and another who leads by being an example. I asked for six volunteers to build a tower with cards. With the first group, I merely told them what they had to do. The result: a flat stack of cards.

With the next group I first showed them how to stack the cards. Then I stepped back and watched them build. Setting an example is definitely more effective than a sermon!