Who's right?


So we're going over the answers to the questions in the FLET bible study, when suddenly, everyone gives the same answer to one of the questions, and my answer is completely different! Do I tell them they're "wrong?" No! Rather, I change MY answer. Why? Because if all of them understand the question in a particular way, then their answer corresponds to their way of thinking. And the beauty is that all of us recognize this difference. Saturday we began a wonderful discussion of the Quichua worldview versus the Western worldview. "Began" is the right word, because we couldn't even yet identify the two worldviews. But they are very conscious that Western theology doesn't fit their worldview. They feel huge differences. We ended up talking about some of their traditions. Not practiced by Christians, but still held by some folk. One is the tradition of "cleansing the house" after someone has died, so that the spirit of the dead will not return to the house. The question arose, "Even if we Christians are not affected by spirits, how do we help a non-Christian who believes in spirits?" I couldn't find an answer to that in our systematic theology. They are the ones most suited to answering that question. My task is to give them the tools to do so.