Busy Weekend - Making Contacts


We spent the whole weekend visiting communities and churches that invited us to share what we do. These are our initial contacts. We get to know one another, and then let them discuss their needs, and call us later if they are interested.

Sunday, Manuel invited us to his church in Columbe to see if they wanted to start a Bible program.


On Saturday, Alberto, in the middle, and Segundo, on the right, invited us to the community "Pachamama Chico" to present our Foundation to them. Over a hundred were in the community meeting to discuss water issues, etc. We make a quick presentation and left.


But just down the road, on our way back, Segundo wanted to stop in at the next community and visit some relatives. We found the church congregation having a workshop with the pastor. We talked outside for a few minutes, and then the pastor invited us to come in and give a Bible study! So we spent the next two hours with the congregation.


Friday night, a few members from Capulispungo came to our apartment to discuss an agricultural project. Luis, on the right, explained to them that the Foundation that was offering them loans for the project was probably a fake.


We had a beautiful day on Sunday, driving through the mountains, back from the community.