Earthquake between workshops

This weekend we finished a full cycle of workshops, and continue to pray for the great need the Quichua have for training. In fact, two of the girls in the workshop for Sunday school teachers told us that although they have been teaching the children in their churches, this was the first workshop they had ever attended!

Saturday night we were resting up for the Sunday workshop when the earthquake hit. Our apartment in Riobamba on the fourth floor shook for what seemed like a long time. (Probably about 30-40 seconds, which is a long time for most quakes.) Thankfully our building has been recently constructed and holds to the earthquake building codes, but on the coast, near the epicenter, many buildings did not remain standing.

We went ahead with the workshop on Sunday, but it was a bit hard to concentrate after the shock the night before. We continue to pray for those affected by the quake, and also for the continuing training of the Quichua folk.