A Big Step toward progress


We have been working in the community of Cachisagua for about one year training musicians for the church. We've come a long way and are finally seeing the fruit of youth being able to play an instrument. But this Sunday we made real progress. When we arrived, we found a group of about 40 children at the church. Usually they hold some type of Sunday school class for the children on Sunday morning. The worship service is held at 3 pm. So Faby took the children for a class, and I, with Alejandro, led a music workshop. But after both classes, we met with the church leaders to discuss the needs of the church. We wanted to make a more formal commitment and planning to really help the church. In an open forum, we listed the needs of the church, which were two: theological training for the church leaders, and preparation of Sunday school teachers. As I had expected, music was not the priority need for the church. This same cycle occurred in Capulispungo. I started there with music workshops, but we eventually changed over to theological education. So now in Cachisagua, we are in the same process. Next month we meet to plan the programs for theological education and preparation of teachers.