The Real Situation


This weekend we visited both communities, Sablog and Cachisagua, to continue with the FLET bible study. In both, the study was cancelled. In Sablog, because they need to renew their commitment to the study, and in Cachisagua, because they had travelled to Quito the night before for a vigil, and they were all dead tired.
But I'm learning that the informal times can be just as profitable as the formal times. Even thought we didn't have "class," I've learned to spend time developing conversations.
And I learned something very important that I didn't realize before. During the week, few men stay in the community. Most of them spend Monday through Friday working in the city, and come home on weekends. They are thoroughly connected to the city, although they would prefer to spend most of their time in the countryside. On our way back to Riobamba I confirmed this with two other communities. In Herrerías, they all congregate on Sunday for church, and then return to the city to work. We picked up a woman returning to Riobamba from her community Pungul. She still has land and animals there, but lives and works in Riobamba. Where would she prefer to be? In her community.
What is the future of the communities and their churches? I don't know. But we continue to go where God leads.