Learning their reality


Saturday, Sablog community, FLET program: I asked this young boy if his father was coming to review with us lesson #5. His answer: "My father went to Quito to work." This is typical in many communities. They still live in their community homes, but migrate to the cities to look for temporary work, usually in construction.


On Sunday, we visited a new community called "Pachancho." The pastor has invited me to help them with music. I enjoy music and want to see the communities revive their folklore style, but the electronic piano and amplification are dominating their singing. I also see this as an opportunity to better understand how they think and learn, and adjust my teaching accordingly. This session I didn't use anything written, nor did I use the proyector. We played and practiced together, as I tried different combinations of instruments (two pianos and a guitar), and techniques. I learned a lot, and I think we made pretty good progress as to what works best for them.


The drive to Pachancho always offers beautiful views as we drive by Chimborazo.