Finishing one and trying to start another

Saturday in Capulispungo. These are the faithful few who have hung in there for the whole program of two years. This is almost our last study together. One more to go; then the graduation ceremony in October. I'm sure the celebration will be a big deal as was the wedding on Sunday in Cachisagua.

Sunday in Cachisagua. The real purpose for the visit was to see how many church members have signed up for the FLET bible program. But we had set up our visit on the same day as the wedding of Ruben's daughter. So we attending the whole celebration in order to briefly chat afterwards about the bible program.


The to-be-wed couple ready to enter the church.


The wedding ceremony.


The church was packed. For a wedding, everyone is invited from communities far and near!


And of course we had our participation. The accordion always makes a big hit!


The couple after the wedding with friends.


In this crowd, I found the people I needed to talk to. They still want to inscribe more students for the bible program, so we decided to wait a little longer before starting.