Quichua Festivals


A Quichua Community will hold every year or so a BIG festival. They rent a circus tent (no joke) and hold something like a tent meeting for a whole weekend. Evenings are filled with music and chorus competitions. During the day invited preachers teach seminars. Here in Cachisagua, where we have been working for around four years, they asked us to lead the youth for Saturday and Sunday. We took on the challenge, partly for the youth, and partly to maintain good relations with the community. (We are hoping to start a bible program, FLET, with them.) We prepared games, songs, and bible studies, which were well received. Actually we barely visited the main tent and its activities. I had requested the church building for our youth program. These festivals are a big deal for each community. They invited other communities from all over the country, and host around 1000 people!