Quichua Leaders


The goal is to train others to replace you in the ministry. At Capulispungo, I've been leading the bible study and, little by little, encouraging the members to learn to lead the study. But I´m discovering something new. We usually look for the person who is most able to teach the material, and usually those are the youth who have more education. But in the Quichua culture, they look up to the elderly, even though they may not have much formal education nor academic ability. That explains why many Quichua churches have an elderly pastor, who really doesn't do much, and a younger leader who coordinates everything that goes on in the church, even though he's not the pastor. In Capulispungo, I have some very able youth, who could lead the bible study, but they're not yet highly respected by the others for their age. Then there are some elderly folk, who can barely answer the questions, but, because of their age, hold more respect from the others. May God grant us the wisdom to train leaders.