All in a day's work

Sunday, Cachisagua. We are reviewing lessons 1-4 of FLET, and they are getting used to what it takes to make the habit of studying every day and keeping up with the lessons.

WIN_20180311_112503 copy

WIN_20180311_112537 copy

After the regular session, Luis told them about our project "Nuchanchik." They were VERY interested!


On the way back, we dropped in for a quick visit in a nearby community, just to say Hi! and coordinate our visit in two weeks. As we left, someone went back into their house and came out with a live chicken for us to take home! Very generous of them! They asked me, "Do you know how to peel a chicken?" (Did they really expect me to answer that?)


As far as birds go, on the way back through the mountains, a falcon perched nearby for a photo, but he flew away before my camera could get a good focus.

CIMG8556 copy

And the sun was at just the right angle for a good shot of Chimborazo. All in a day's work.

CIMG8555 copy