Weekend in Capulispungo


Someone will always ask the question: "What's a typical day for you?" They don't realize that "the typical day" doesn't exist. But I can answer what this weekend was like. Saturday we drove 1 hour to Capulispungo for the FLET bible study program, level 2. I met with 7 students from 9 til 1, going over six lessons on the book of Jeremiah. We broke for lunch from 1 to 2 pm, and met for another 2 hours to finish the lessons. Then we drove 1 hour back to Riobamba to rest.
Sunday we returned to Capulispungo, along with two passengers Walter and David who live in Riobamba but return to Capulispungo every weekend. I had 6 students for FLET level 1. Our class is only one hour, as they meet every week. We finished at 11 am, and I helped Faby set up her class for the children at 11:30, played my accordion for a couple of songs, and then started a movie on Joseph for them to watch. As they watched the movie, I met with Neicer, a young boy, who's in FLET level 2, but can't meet any more on Saturdays with the group, because the high school is holding work days every Saturday. So I agreed to meet with him on Sunday during the church service. Faby and I finished about the same time at 1:30 pm. Then we all went up to the second floor to catch the end of the service for the music specials. The kids sang the song they practiced, led by Faby, and accompanied by my accordion. Then the church invited us for lunch in their dining room. We finished around three, and returned to Riobamba.
Is that a typical day? Maybe a typical weekend.