"Flet" in Quito


We try to spend most of our time in Riobamba, but when we're in Quito, I try to check in on the church made up of immigrants from Capulispungo. They started the bible program "Flet" four weeks ago. So this Sunday I dropped in to see how they're doing, and I was impressed! They have a group of eleven students in the program. Their tutor, Abel, is doing a great job of encouraging them and tracking their work. We spent an encouraging two hours reviewing what they have learned so far, and answering questions. After the meeting, Abel and I talked about church growth strategy. The congregation is a mixture of Quichua immigrants plus children of the immigrants who are growing up in the city. He wants the services to include both Quichua music and contemporary music. They also need a musician or two to accompany the singing. We may plan a music workshop in the near future.

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