Contacts for new projects


The first stage of our projects as a Foundation is to talk with the people. In the Quichua mindset this is called "Socializing the idea." Here Luis is talking with a group of women about the best way to organize themselves into a small company. We are still waiting for them to catch the vision and tell us they are ready to start a project.


This following group in Quito wants to start a bible training program in this their church. Our Foundation is not interested in working in Quito, but these Quichua are from Capulispungo. They have migrated to the city. I drove three of them home that night. In the car I asked the question, "If there were jobs in Capulispungo would you return to the community?" There followed a brief silence which I interpreted as "Could there really be jobs in Capulispungo?" But their answer was clear, "Of course!" May God grant this to be some day a reality.


Back in Riobamba, we met with two church leaders from a community we have yet to visit. Fidel has met us a couple of times, and came asking us to visit his community and start a project, probably one of training church leaders.