Starting in New Communities


Everything we do is because the community has asked us for help. This weekend we made our first visits to two different communities. In both cases, we´ve been talking to the leaders for some time until finally arranging a date. The first visit is just to get to know each other. We give a short bible study, plus lead some singing. (The accordion is always a big hit!) Then we discuss plans for future visits. Saturday we visited "Santa Julia" at the invitation of one of the students of the Semila Seminary. The purpose was to begin the same program (FLET) that we are following in Capulispungo. We presented the material and the program, and will wait for them to discuss, organize, and let us know when they're ready. Sunday we visited "San Antonio de Encalado" at the invitation of Pastor Antonio from Capulispungo. They want a six month discipleship course with the objective of preparing a future pastor. (Two other churches had representatives present.) We plan to start once a month in June. We make plans and let God work out the details. Prov 19:21